What our Customers are Saying

Just wanted to let you guys know that Titan is doing GREAT!!!! He is getting big very fast and is attached to Ryan’s hip. I could have not asked for a better family dog!!!!

Jon Paterson,

Just to let you know that Brice is doing very well. He is as mischievous as ever LOL. He is biting and attacking my feet as I write. He has been home for almost three weeks now. After the loss of our bulldog, Justice, Brice has filled the air with a personality and flare that only a bulldog can. I know that he will never replace Justice, but he is also irreplaceable. We are in the process of spoiling him rotten. He often shares my pillows on the bed at night. I hate to tell him that he will get to big and they are my pillows and not his. He thinks that he is the king when he can get up on the bed all by himself (good thing he has a ramp). Thank you both so much for everything that you have done to bring us together with Brice. We love him dearly

Andrew McGregor,

Good day I just wanted to say a big thank-you for being so patient with me and helping me choose the right puppy to suite me. You guys were extremely professional and I could tell you were definitely passionate about your puppies. I’m very happy with my Golden Retriever puppy. It’s only been a couple of days but his little personality not to mention his cheekiness is already showing. I was already like a proud parent yesterday, taking photos to show my family and friends. I will definitely recommend Joyful Golden Retriever Puppies to anyone who is looking to buy a Golden Retriever puppy. In fact, I’ve already sent the link to a few people I know who already have Golden Retriever puppy

Jacky Flint,

Just a quick note to thank you for taking the time to listen to what we wanted in a dog. We feel that your personalized service was perfect for our needs. Belma is the best dog ever! She is so well behaved in the house. She loves to go to work with George during the day. The girls have been playing lots of frisbee with her. She is adjusting very well. She is even getting along with Star the chihuahua! She is a perfect fit for our family!! We will definitely call you when we are ready for another dog. keep in touch

Anthony Jackson,

We are delighted with our new pup and so thankful that she has graciously agreed to let us live with her. She is lively (you did not exaggerate) and intelligent. She responds to her name, knows exactly where her food and water are located, and has established a race track in the house. I hope you are both well and wanted you to know how much we are enjoying her. We will keep in touch.

Robert Broot,